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Always send your E-Mail as
BCC: option Even if it is only to ONE person.
This option will not list all the email addresses. it only shows
To: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
This will help to prevent a virus/worm from finding your friends email address and mailing itself back to them.

Do NOT forget to unplug your POWER & PHONE wires when you are not using your computer during the Thunderstorm season.

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Email/Password/Home network/Spam Tips

MS Internet Explorer   E-mail  Icons

Startup & Maintenance Problems

AOL (8.x) Instructions

Handy helpers

Nifty websites for more Info or help.

Karen's Power Tools: http://www.karenware.com/
Fred Langa's LangaList: http://www.langa.com/
Jim Powell's The Office Letter: http://www.officeletter.com/
Jason Levine's Toolbox: http://www.jasons-toolbox.com/
Mike Elgan's Mike's List: http://www.mikeslist.com/default.htm
John Woram's Newsletter: http://www.woram.com/letter/index.htm
Scot Finnie's Newsletter: http://www.scotfinnie.com/newsletter/

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